Let’s Pack

Our church’s teen retreat is coming up and I’m really excited, not just for alpackl the fun stuff we’ll do, but for the chance to pack. See, I love to plan and pack so I can be prepared for all the things you might run into when your camping, like avalanches, run-ins with serial killers, and attacks from rabid bumble bees. In order to be ready for all theses things and many more, I need to pack a lot of stuff. The problem? With all the girls going into one tent we can only bring one duffel bag with us. For most people that isn’t a big deal, but for a girl with a four-page list, it is a major deal. So in order to fit the necessities in, like an umbrella, a box of fruit roll-ups, and peroxide, I need to be able to cut down on the extras, or by a larger duffel bag.


Wishing Day by Lauren Myracle Review

Title: Wishing Daywish

Author: Lauren Myracle (website: http://www.laurenmyracle.com/)

Pages: 336

Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016

Goodread’s Summary:

On the third night of the third month after a girl’s thirteenth birthday, every girl in the town of Willow Hill makes three wishes.

The first wish is an impossible wish.
The second is a wish she can make come true herself.
And the third is the deepest wish of her secret heart.

Natasha is the oldest child in a family steeped in magic, though she’s not sure she believes in it. She’s full to bursting with wishes, however. She misses her mother, who disappeared nearly eight long years ago. She has a crush on one of the cutest boys in her class, and she thinks maybe it would be nice if her very first kiss came from him. And amid the chaos of a house full of sisters, aunts, and a father lost in grief, she aches to simply be…noticed.

So Natasha goes to the willow tree at the top of the hill on her Wishing Day, and she makes three wishes. What unfolds is beyond anything she could have imagined.

My Review:

This book was really good! It all started with the night of Natasha’s Wishing Day. She makes her wishes, even though she wonders if magic is even real. After she makes her wishes,she goes on with her life. Then, one day, she gets a mysterious note that seems to indicate one of her wishes may be coming true. It is then, she begins a search for the sender and the proof that magic is real. I enjoyed the fact that it was so much like real life only with magic thrown in. Natasha is a really cool character and is very real. That said, in this story, Ava is my favorite character. I love how she just has this…brightness about her! I loved her faith and happiness. The story was highly interesting and there was a wonderful sense of mystery. I wasn’t thrilled with the cliffhanger, but it definitely makes me want the next book even more. There wasn’t really any violence or anything inappropriate, but there was a small amount of language. The D-word was used once and boobs were used several times. Other than that this book was a great read.

The Worst Night Ever by Dave Barry Review

Title: The Worst Night Everworstev

Author: Dave Barry (website:http://www.davebarry.com/)

Pages: 256

Publication Date: April 26th, 2016

Goodread’s Summary:

Last year, Wyatt Palmer was the hero of middle school, having foiled a plot against the president of the United States. But now he and his friends are in Coral Cove High School-home of the Fighting Conchs-and Wyatt is no longer a hero: He’s just another undersized freshman, hoping to fit in, or at least not be unpopular. Things start to go wrong when Matt Diaz, who is Wyatt’s best friend but also unfortunately an idiot, decides to bring his pet ferret, Frank, to school. Through an unfortunate series of events Frank ends up in the hands of the Bevin brothers, who are the most popular boys at Coral Cove High, but are also, as Matt soon discovers, the nastiest. When Wyatt and Matt try to get Frank back, they concoct a plan to attend a party for the cool clique at the Bevin’s waterfront mansion and stumble onto the Bevin family’s dark and deadly secret. That’s when Wyatt learns that some things are worse than being unpopular in high school. MUCH worse.

My Summary:

Only an idiot would bring a ferret it to school, unfortunately for Wyatt Palmer, his best friend is an idiot. Since Wyatt and his best friend Matt are freshmen, the safest thing they can do is fly under the radar, but bringing a ferret to school just so happens to draw a lot of attention. In fact, it will even draw the attention of the school’s meanest seniors. Somewhere between letting one girl hold it and it getting tossed back and forth like a football, the ferret decides to attack one of those two mean seniors. The Bevin brothers, also known as the mean upperclassmen, take Matt’s ferret, Frank,  and tell Wyatt and Matt that they need to test it for diseases. Although Wyatt and Matt try desperately to get Frank back, they eventually come to the conclusion that in order to get him back they may have to take some serious risks. In other words, they decide to break into the Bevin brother’s house and rescue Frank. While they’re attempting to save Frank from harsh handling, they find out that the Bevin’s may have some pretty dangerous secrets. As they begin to investigate, they find out that there may be a much more sinister plot afoot than they could have ever imagined.

My Review:

This book was awesome! I loved the humor and suspense and am hoping for a sequel sometime soon. This book didn’t have too many problems and was fairly clean. There was a small level of violence, such as a road star going through Wyatt’s sneaker and causing his foot to bleed profusely and a man intentionally being killed by a poisonous snake bite. There isn’t anything inappropriate except for the fact that some girls are mentioned as hotties. Lastly, as far as language goes the H-word was used once and Ohmigod was used twice. Other than these minor faults, this book was great read.