my random rambling

Let’s Pack

Our church’s teen retreat is coming up and I’m really excited, not just for alpackl the fun stuff we’ll do, but for the chance to pack. See, I love to plan and pack so I can be prepared for all the things you might run into when your camping, like avalanches, run-ins with serial killers, and attacks from rabid bumble bees. In order to be ready for all theses things and many more, I need to pack a lot of stuff. The problem? With all the girls going into one tent we can only bring one duffel bag with us. For most people that isn’t a big deal, but for a girl with a four-page list, it is a major deal. So in order to fit the necessities in, like an umbrella, a box of fruit roll-ups, and peroxide, I need to be able to cut down on the extras, or by a larger duffel bag.


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