Let’s Pack

Our church’s teen retreat is coming up and I’m really excited, not just for alpackl the fun stuff we’ll do, but for the chance to pack. See, I love to plan and pack so I can be prepared for all the things you might run into when your camping, like avalanches, run-ins with serial killers, and attacks from rabid bumble bees. In order to be ready for all theses things and many more, I need to pack a lot of stuff. The problem? With all the girls going into one tent we can only bring one duffel bag with us. For most people that isn’t a big deal, but for a girl with a four-page list, it is a major deal. So in order to fit the necessities in, like an umbrella, a box of fruit roll-ups, and peroxide, I need to be able to cut down on the extras, or by a larger duffel bag.


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