Like a Star by Britt Nicole-The Mark of the Dragonfly’s Song (Spoilers)

Purple: Piper’s life pre-Anna and the 401.

Red: Gee’s protection

Bright blue: Gee flying

Yellow: Gee’s eyes

Green: Gee and Piper’s love

Dark blue: Electricity engines

Been working overtime    (Piper works late at night)                                                                                 And gettin’ sick of these crazy games  (Going to the shelter seems like a routine or a game)
I’ll be a satellite   (Gee watching over the train and it’s passengers)
And wait for someone to enter my gaze   (Gee waiting for someone to try to harm the train) 

I see you like a star in the sky  (Gee flying high in the sky)     
And I love it   (As time goes on she feels safe flying with him and enjoys it)
Yeah, the light in your eyes   (Gee’s eyes when he gets angry or feels a lot of emotion)
And I wonder
When you’re looking in mine
Do you see them
Like a star in the sky

You got me falling for ya   (At first, they won’t admit to themselves that they like each other)
And I won’t stop ’til I hit the clouds   (He won’t stop until Piper and Anna are safe)
See I don’t wanna hide these feelings
Or even try to figure them out   (Piper tries to avoid her feelings often, Gee won’t admit to liking Piper)

Sparks flyin’ all around   (Trimble, the engine of the 401, and Piper’s work)
Electricity  (Anna’s body)
Dance with me, dance with me, dance with me  (They fall in love, flying is kinda of their dance)
Ten feet of the ground   (Gee taking off)
No gravity   (Gee flying)
Fly with me, fly with me   (Gee flying Piper and Anna to safety)


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