The Reality of a Teen Book Club

As some of you know my friends and I started a book club recently. We planned to have fairly serious discussions, ONLY discussing the book of the month. We even appointed a moderator! Well, we’re two months in and our meetings have become anything but formal. In fact, it’s more of a time to Rant and Rave over our favorite books and get on a caffeine high. Within these two meetings we’ve had some fairly freaky things happen, but due to time limits and more importantly my lack of inspiration, I’ll only share some of our experiences.

One of our main problems is losing someone or something. At our first meeting, we lost a member. One of our members got the right restaurant but the wrong location. This caused some frantic emailing in an attempt to figure out where she was, if she had a ride home, and most importantly if, she liked the book. The second meeting was just as exciting and definitely as chaotic. This time, we didn’t lose a person but a purse. At the restaurant, we sat at two tables inside and one outside. Then when we decided to visit the bookstore, we looked at classics, notebooks, children’s, teen’s, and finally sat down in the cafe. That’s when we figured out that the purse was missing. In a frenzy, we raced through the different aisles like we were being chased by a serial killer. Was it there? No. We figured that if it hadn’t been stolen then it had to be at the restaurant. So all we had to do was take a leisurely walk back to the restaurant, get the purse, and we’d be done, right? Wrong. When we checked to see what time it was we found that it was only eight minutes until our parents were supposed to pick us up. That meant that if we didn’t want to be stranded or use up any extra texts, we needed to move. So we took off speed walking towards the restaurant hoping to get back in time. Then we decided that we weren’t moving fast enough so we started jogging like we were training for the…anti-olympics. Anyway, we were running fast enough to look like freaks. Once we got there we had to check two of our tables, but we finally found the purse, yet the adventure was not over. We still had to get back in time to catch out parents. Yes, I am aware that sounds way too dramatic for what I’m describing, but I like how it sounds so shut up. So, we continued to run and look like joggers in jeans until we reached the bookstore. We were panting, or at least I was, but we had made it…five minutes early. Yep, we jogged, panicked, acted like we were being chased by lunatics, and worried that we might miss our ride, only to find we had plenty of time to spare. So this is the reality of our teen book club.



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