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Quotes from my New Story

I know I haven’t updated in a while, but despite the fact that I have wasted some time, I have also begun something very worthwhile. A new story. That’s right I started a whole new story all on my own. I’m twenty-five pages in, and at the moment it is a teen humor adventure. Here are a couple quotes:

“I just discovered that Sloane does not appreciate my sarcasm. Like really, in fact, I think he might hate it more than Dunkin Doughnuts hates Krispy Kreme.”

“Oh, sorry,” Skylar said, sounding almost sincere “I just was testing to see how well pepper spray works. You know you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.”

“Y’know, that sounds like the kinda joke someone would make, who is too stupid to understand my vocabulary.”

“Seriously, is that the best threat you can come up with? You and I both know that legally you can’t kill me, which gives your threat the scare factor of a Barbie movie.”

Also, if you want to see what my characters look like click here. Hint: The blonde guy is Skylar, my sarcastic teen rebel, the green haired girl is Allie (for now), who is my hacker girl, the brown haired girl is Cassie, is my innocent sweet character, and lastly, the brown haired guy is Sloane, who is my time freak, FBI dude.



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