A Song for Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

I know lately I’ve been talking about Michael Vey a lot. I also know I’m obsessing over book one, even though the sixth one just came out, but hey, I just started reading the series. Better late than never, right? Lastly, I would like to state that I think this song most closely relates to the time Taylor spent at the academy, rather than the entire book, and it is for this reason that I’m writing a large portion my commentary as if they were Taylor’s thoughts.

Run Wild by For King and Country

Are the walls to lock you in or to keep others away  (Is Hatch trying keep us locked up or is he protecting us? Tara says you get plenty of freedom.)
And if the doors were to be opened would you leave or would you stay  (Hatch says it’s my choice, but is it? Is it better than my old life?)

The comfort of your misery you cherish dearly, you cherish dearly  (Even though Hatch says that living like a normal person was horrid, I miss it. I cherish my “misery” dearly.)
And you haven’t started dreaming ’cause you’re still fast asleep, you’re fast asleep  (Sometimes it seems peaceful and happy)

But don’t you want to
Run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me  (Which way do I want to live free? With Hatch or the way I was used to? Do I need Michael?)

You’re a lion full of power who forgot how to roar  (Hatch says that since I’m older it might be harder to adjust but I still can)
You’re an eagle full of beauty but you can’t seem to soar  (He says we’re eagles, and he wants me to succeed, right?)

Will you return to the garden where you were first made whole  (Do I want to go home?)
Will you turn to the one who can liberate your soul  (Or do I want to stay with Hatch who says he can give me anything?)

Don’t you want to
Run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me  (How do I want my freedom? With Hatch and the group, or at home?)
Run wild, live free
Love strong  (Do I want the freedom to do anything I want, or am I willing to sacrifice a little of it, for all he can offer?)

To every soul locked in a cage
In the prison of your past mistakes  (I’m locked in a cage, but they say I’ve made it. Michael’s POV in Cell 25: Was it a mistake not to listen to Hatch?)
No, there’s no time left to waste
Yeah, you can make your great escape  (We’ll escape, we have to try)
We’re made to run wild, run wild, run wild
We’re made to run wild, run wild, run wild  (I know I want full freedom now)

Run forest, all depends what direction  (They need to run for cover)
Some people run from fear, some from their own reflection (I know it’s random, but, Zeus running from water, he sees his reflection in the water)
Some people run their mouth, some people run their house  (Hatch will say anything to convince us to follow him)
Ruling with the heart of a tyrant  (But his heart isn’t what it seems)
Some people run their block, bust shots with a 4-4-5 and
That’s the environment, how we were raised  (The Glows who came in younger were easier to convince and much more loyal, they were raised that way. Nichelle gets dumped where she came from)
Living like lions but trapped in a cage  (Hatch tells they will be powerful, they are powerful, but they live in the cage he created for them)
Back to a imago day with the blood of a king and the heart of a slave  (He tells them they have are the best, but he treats them like slaves until he has their minds)
Don’t you wanna run  (Michael telling Zeus to run with them)

And if your soul’s locked in a cage
You can make your great escape
We’re made to run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me  (Zeus was controlled by Hatch, Michael tells him he can run free now, he does. Taylor, was almost overtaken, so was Michael, but Hatch didn’t succeed, they’re free. Letting the prisoner’s go)


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