Because of Mr. Terupt Book Review

About the Book: Becuase of Mr. Terrupt is a 288-page book by Rob Buyea. Imrteruptt was published on October 12th, 2010 and has a Lexile measure of 560. The book is about seven, fifth-grade kids and how one teacher affects their life drastically. The book follows the kids from the beginning of the school year until the end, showing how they morph into better versions of themselves.

Review: Because of Mr. Terupt was a fairly good book that showed how much teachers can change the lives of their students and that sometimes you get a second chance. The characters are believable but due to the similarities in some of their personalities it can be hard to remember who is who.   Also, since this book was written from the POV of seven fifth-graders, the writing seemed a bit on the juvenile side. Overall, the story and meaning of this book is better than the quality.


One thought on “Because of Mr. Terupt Book Review

  1. Delilah Red

    I like how your reviews are short and sweet. Sometimes reviewers delve into deep, detailed opinions about the book, and I don’t even finish it because I get tired of their ramblings. With a review like this, I have some brief, “this is how it is” opinions that give me a good idea of what it’s like. Thanks much!

    Delilah Red, author of The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac (


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