Yours Truly by Heather Vogel Frederick Review


yourstrulyAbout the Book: Yours Truly is the second book in the Pumpkin Falls series by Heather Vogel Frederick. It follows Absolutely Truly and has 336 pages. It will be published on January 31st, 2017. It is about the mysteries Truly Lovejoy, her cousin Mackenzie, and the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes, solve over spring break.

My Review: Ever since I read Absolutely Truly in the winter of 2015, I’ve wanted to re-visit Pumpkin Falls. From the hilarious characters to the wonderful small town feel, Absolutely Truly was fantastic. Yours Truly picks up only a week or two from where Absolutely Truly left off. Beginning with Truly’s thirteenth birthday. I really enjoyed this book, but unfortunately not as much as the fist Pumpkin Falls book. Maybe I read it too fast but it just seemed to be lacking some of the humor Absolutely Truly possessed. I guess you could say this book was a little more focused on the mysteries Truly has to solve and a little less centered on the characters and their amazing personalities. Although the characters are portrayed well I really missed Jasmine and Cha Cha, and frankly, wished Mackenzie hadn’t been in the book at all. I suppose some of this could be because Truly is no longer new to town so she’s no longer observing things from a new comer’s perspective; still, I missed the frog dissection and snowball attacks. Nevertheless, the book was still good and had two points I really couldn’t resist mentioning. For one, the private eyes have a stakeout. This was fairly entertaining but seemed to have a little less excitement than one would expect when a group of seventh graders sneak out of the house. Secondly, there was another MDBC crossover! Not a major one or anything, but Felicia, Jess’s cousin, was present for several scenes so that was pretty cool.

Lastly, at a later date I’ll be doing a post all about Pumpkin Falls as a town, so be ready for some small town fangirling.


Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos Review


About the Book: The Planet Thieves is the first book in The Planet Thieves series, it has 256 pages and was written by Dan Krokos. It was published on May 21st, 2013 and has a Lexile measure of 770. It is about Mason, a thirteen year old space cadet, who through a crazy turn of events ends up trying to save the world.

My Review: Planet Thieves was an okay book that I found to be a little on the boring side. Maybe it was the whole alien thing or the pictures but the book just felt too juvenile. It was hard to finish this book but I pressed on since it is my book club’s book of the month. In the end the book had a fairly good ending. It showed how much team work matters and how sometimes being a leader isn’t what you expected. In addition, there were several minor cuss word. Overall, I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, yet it might appeal to younger audience or someone who really enjoys science fiction.

Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan Book Review

Abobookreviewut the Book: Ruins of Gorlan, the first book in the Rangers apprentice series, is a 249-page book by John Flanagan. It was first published on January 1st, 2004 and has a Lexile measure of 920. It is about Will, a fifteen-year-old boy, who gets selected to be a Ranger’s

Review: The Ruins of Gorlan is a fairly entertaining book that follows the life of Will, a teen boy in medieval times, as he becomes a Ranger’s apprentice. The book was fairly entertaining but at times felt a little slow and lost my interest. There were some fairly funny things though and the story was pretty entertaining. Despite these good things the book did have some problems other than some slow points. For one, there was some cussing as the D-word was used several times and the H-word was used at least once. Also, I did feel that it took a good while to get to the meat of the plot.  All this taken into consideration this was a fairly good book and I do plan to read the next in the series.