Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos Review


About the Book: The Planet Thieves is the first book in The Planet Thieves series, it has 256 pages and was written by Dan Krokos. It was published on May 21st, 2013 and has a Lexile measure of 770. It is about Mason, a thirteen year old space cadet, who through a crazy turn of events ends up trying to save the world.

My Review: Planet Thieves was an okay book that I found to be a little on the boring side. Maybe it was the whole alien thing or the pictures but the book just felt too juvenile. It was hard to finish this book but I pressed on since it is my book club’s book of the month. In the end the book had a fairly good ending. It showed how much team work matters and how sometimes being a leader isn’t what you expected. In addition, there were several minor cuss word. Overall, I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, yet it might appeal to younger audience or someone who really enjoys science fiction.


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