Spray Painting a Pig Part 1

My friends and I are doing something different this weekend. Something special. We’re spray painting a pig. Yes, you heard right, we are going to take spray paint and coat a pig in it. Of course, this graffiti is legal, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be telling the public, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be epic. By now I have a feeling you wondering where the heck I live, because as far as you know spray painting farm animals isn’t legal anywhere on the planet. Well, as far as I know it isn’t. Still, this is an exception. Why? Well, this particular pig is made of concrete. Yes, in our town there is a store that has a concrete pig in its parking lot and it is free range to do graffiti on.

I’ve wanted to paint the pig for a while now but was always unsure how legal it was. Finally, we called the store and asked. They said it was fine so all was left was to buy the spray paint. Being the Silas Marner I am, I was appalled at the current prices of spray paint. Then, one day, everything changed. No, actually my mom just found some cheap spray paint at a close out store. So now, in a plastic bag, with a German yodeler on it, sit seven cans of spray paint. It’s been in my room for a couple weeks now and this weekend me and my friends will get to use it. We’re planning to go at night and channel our inner juvenile delinquents.

Well, by the title of this post you can probably tell that there will be second part to it. If all goes well I’ll have some pictures to share, so be watching!


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