Spray Painting a Pig Part 2

We did it. We really did it. We went out in the freezing cold, looking like a bunch of thugs, and spray painted a concrete pig. And let me tell you, spray painting is practically impossible with gloves on. Not that we let that stop us; no, we pressed on and experienced the glorious fruition of four teen girls using spray paint for the first time.

We painted on side of the pig in honor of Michael Vey.


Then for some unknown reason, we gave it a superhero mask.


Truthfully, it was completely pointless but was extremely entertaining. I hope to do it again in summer when it’s warmer and no chance of freezing my hands off. We have a bunch of spray paint left, enough for next time I think. Well, I have to go; there’s leftover popping boba to eat and I Love Lucy episodes to watch.


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