We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional: Tales of My Not-so-Normal Family Part 1

Everyone has that one weird family member. Well, in my family there isn’t just one; in fact, I think it’s safe to say not a single member of my family could be called completely normal. From the time my cousin told the new girl at school she had  facial hair to the time my uncle ran around outside our house wearing a pink princess towel; I have a practically endless supply of stories to share, so if you’re willing, buckle up because my family puts the fun in dysfunctional.

To start off this series, I am going to talk about the time my mom locked my uncle outside of the house while he was wearing a pink princess towel. One might wonder how my uncle got a hold of a princess towel in the first place, and when he came across it, why he would put it on; but like I said before, my family isn’t normal. If you shouldn’t do it, we probably did it. I was a toddler at the time and my mom had found a cute pink, hooded, towel at the store, thinking I could use it after taking a bath. Little did she know it would jump start stupidity.

She brought the towel home and I, of course, was thrilled. I had barely gotten the chance to pull it out of the package before my uncle, who I gather had come over to visit, decided to put it on. Me, being the average toddler, had no intention of sharing my new towel and promptly made it clear. In short, my uncle ran outside, yes, still wearing the towel and I followed. To get a mental picture, imagine a man wearing a pink hooded towel that from a distance looked like a fuzzy cape, running circles around a small tree, a toddler at his heels, in desperate want of the towel and expanding her vocal range in the process. Thankfully my mother got revenge. Once I was safely back inside she locked my uncle out of the house while he was still wearing the towel. I believe it took him a minute to realize he looked like an idiot and take it off, which of course is just what my mom wanted. Now that years have passed we can look back on this event and come to one conclusion; stupidity provides excellent entertainment.


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