5 Ways To Dig Up Motivation To Write

  1. Pray. You can write with or without the creator of the universe on your side, and although I think it’s pretty clear which option is the better of the two, for those of you who need a little extra help, the answer is with.
  2. Coffee. Let me start by saying that coffee is wonderful, particularly dark roast. So if you’re feeling a little low on energy and motivation, do yourself a favor and drink some coffee; or, if you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t like coffee, drink some nice, nasty herbal tea. Whatever helps.
  3. Listen to Music. Music is an awesome way to get moving with just about any task and writing is no exception, so click shuffle play and get going.
  4. Set Deadlines. I am definitely one of those people who love lists. And plans, and charts, and over the top organization in general. Basically, I enjoy having deadlines. Even if you aren’t filled with an overwhelming love for deadlines, if you ever plan to write professionally, you’re going to have them, so why not start learning how to manage your time now?
  5. Write it Out. Writing down everything you have to do can be so helpful. Even if you aren’t going to set time limits for each thing, it is so nice to sit down, think of everything you have to do, and put it on paper. Trust me, those dreaded to-do lists have a purpose.

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