Giving It All To God

Lately I’ve been stressed, but not over things that make sense. I’ve been anxious about things that don’t matter, but anxious nonetheless. For a while, I felt like there wasn’t much I could do, so I didn’t do anything. I just sat there and wallowed in my pain and heartache; well, not exactly. I tried to ask God for help and I knew he was there for me, but I was still worried, fearful, anxious, and nauseated. I took some time off school and tried to numb my mind with lots of Dick Van Dyke, but it didn’t really help. It felt like there wasn’t anything I could do, but when I was talking to my mom about how upset I was, she told me that sometimes we just have to give it all to God. That’s it. Just take everything and drop it at God’s feet. If you give something to someone, then it’s not yours anymore, so if I give my fears, worries, and dreams to God, they aren’t mine anymore; they’re his. And that means I don’t have to worry about them anymore. So I’ve given it all to God. It isn’t easy, I still feel stressed sometimes, but I also feel grateful…grateful that God brought me to this place, because if I hadn’t felt this way, I wouldn’t have realized how much I needed him, which, in case you’re wondering, is a lot.


One thought on “Giving It All To God


    Just… He is so good, and this post hit my heart because you’re my friend and I love you and also this is basically how I came to surrender too.

    Praise. The. Lord.


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