The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Okay so I have never, ever, in the history of this blog or any other, done a tag of any kind; but, due to my lack of inspiration, here I am. No, actually this tag sounded like fun, so that, in part at least, is why I’m here. (Disclaimer: This tag was created by NEHOMAS2 on Youtube, and is absolutely truly not my idea.)

Alright, let’s do this.

So the basic idea of this tag is that you are having a dinner party for eleven people, one of them is you, and you can invite ten fictional characters, one from each category, so that is exactly what I’m going to do. Side note: If we want to get technical, you are having a dinner party for twelve people since one of the categories is a couple, but yeah…anyway, let’s get to the tag.

  1. One character who can cook/likes to cook. I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of the middle grade and young adult books that I read don’t have many characters that can cook or like to cook. Still, that’s beside the point since I do know a few who can cook. It’s kind of a toss up between Mrs. Vey, from the Michael Vey series, Calpurnia, from To Kill a Mockingbird, and Imogen, from The Ascendance Trilogy, but since this is a dinner party, and what Mrs. Vey does best is breakfast food, and Imogen cooks medival food, which kinda scares the crap out of me, I’m going to go with Calpurnia.
  2. One character who has money to fund the party. The first person who comes to mind for this one is-HOLD IT. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE ASCENDANCE TRILOGY, THE FALSE PRINCE, I’M ABOUT TO RUIN IT. Just a warning-Okay, as I was saying, the first person that comes to mind is Jaron Eckbert III. He is a king, so he probably has a lot of money laying around.
  3.  One character who might cause a scene. One? Hahaha. There are SO many characters that could cause a scene.  I would say Jaron if I hadn’t just invited him, but I did, so I won’t. Okay. Who would cause a scene? Macey, from the Gallagher Girls series, if she was being a brat, maybe Ani, from The Scourge, because, well, she’s Ani, or Fink, from The Ascendance Trilogy, because Fink is pretty much a mini Jaron, even Bex, also from The Gallagher Girls series, might cause a scene because if someone insulted one of her friends or she just felt like doing something Bexish. Alright, since I have to pick one, I’m just going to pick my favorite out of these, or the one I most want to meet, and go with Bex. Or, now that I think about it, Grace from Embassy Row is much more likely to cause a scene because that’s what she does.
  4. One character who is funny/amusing. This is also really hard because if a character doesn’t have a sense of humor, I probably don’t like them all that much. I could say Weevil, from The Scourge, or Sherm, from Goodbye Stranger, even though he wasn’t THAT funny of a character, or Puck, from the Sisters Grimm series, which, now that I think about it, would likely to cause a scene with his stench alone, but whatever, or Zeus, from the Michael Vey series, although when Zeus says something funny, it’s generally a threat, gotta love that, or even Matt, from The Worst Class Trip Ever and The Worst Night Ever, since Matt is just such an adorably hilarious idiot. Okay, once again, I’m going to have to pick the one I want to meet the most, so I’m going to go with Weevil.
  5. One character who is super social/popular. Hmm, I don’t know as many of these, fortunately for you, dear reader. The first person that comes to mind is Taylor, from the Michael Vey series, since she was super popular in book one, is still a cheerleader at heart, and is pretty much second in command with Zeus and Jack, when Michael can’t lead.
  6. One villian. This is hard. Like really hard. There aren’t’ too many villains I’m in love with, but, there are a couple I would LOVE to meet. There’s Hatch, from the Michael Vey series, Catherine, from the Gallagher Girls series, BIG SPOILER, Mr. Solomon, from the Gallagher Girls series, even though he isn’t exactly a villain, and Princess Ann (or is it Anne?), from the Embassy Row series. Really I would be scared to invite any of these people within a million-mile radius of me, but, assuming that whichever one I invite to the party promises not to kill me or any of the other guests, at least for the night, I would say…Mr. Solomon, because, who am I kidding, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET MR. SOLOMON, and maybe, if we’re not too busy keeping Jaron and Taylor from fighting, because I have a feeling they just would not get along, kind of like Zach and Macey, take a CoveOps class.
  7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic. Doesn’t have to be, but will be you mean? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well right off the bat I’m going to go with Cammie and Zach, from the Gallagher Girls series, if for no other reason than they are two of my all time favorite characters…EVER.
  8.  One hero/heroine. Okay I would probably have said Jaron or Cammie, had they not already been invited to this fantastic shindig, but, since they are, I’m going to go with Michael, from the Michael Vey series, because Michael is pretty much the definition of a hero.
  9. One underappreciated character. Oh this is hard. So many characters come to mind. Charlie from Saving Lucas Biggs. Danny Meyers from Holly’s Heart, who probably no one has heard of in years, but he really is a hilariously condescending character. Sherm from Goodbye Stranger. Leo from Willow Falls. Rory from Willow Falls. Ray from Willow Falls. Okay, anyone, except for Jake (Yes, you heard right, Lila Red) from Willow Falls. Maya Davis from The Maya Davis series. Jare from Connect the Stars. Rosie from The Embassy Row series. Truly, Lucas, Scooter, Calhoun, Cha Cha, or Pippa from The Pumpkin Falls series. Rupert, Kevin, and Cassidy from The Mother-Daughter Book Club. Okay, there are a ton of these, so I’m going to stop listing them and pick ONE. It’s between Charlie and Leo, and maybe even Lucas, Scooter, or Truly. Who do I want to meet more? I’m gonna go with…Charlie. Or Scooter. This is hard. Really hard. Okay, let’s go with Scooter. He is really wonderfully rotten, so I really want to meet him.
  10. One character of your own choosing. Okay, since I betrayed Leo in the last one, I’m gonna go with him for this one, even though I really, really would like to meet Alexei, or Noah, or Jamie from the Embassy Row series. Okay, maybe I’m going to go with someone else…I’m so sorry, Leo. Let’s go with Alexei.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think! And, as far as tagging someone else, I’m going to tag Lila Red from the The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac.


Connect the Stars by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague Review


About the Book: Connect the Stars by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague is a middle grade standalone that has 352 pages and a Lexile measure of 840. It was published on September 22nd, 2015 by HarperCollins, and follows Audrey and Aaron, two thirteen-year-olds who meet at a wilderness camp.

My Review: Although I didn’t enjoy Connect the Stars quite as much as Saving Lucas Biggs, it was still a great read that showed the power of teamwork. I’ll admit I was a little bored with this book until Audrey and Aaron arrived at wilderness camp, probably because both of them were kind of loners and I really don’t like books where the main character(s) don’t have a awesome best friend to talk to, but once they got to camp things started to get a lot more interesting. For one, Jared. Even if he is a little on the mean side of things, some of his lines were so fantastic that I just can’t help loving him. Also, once Audrey and Aaron got assigned to their team and began to form a friendship with Louis and Kate, everything started to get better. I loved how despite all of their problems and weaknesses, together the four made a fantastic team and really went out of their way to watch out for each other. From the awesome character development and the strong messages about teamwork, love, and forgiveness, this was a truly awesome book.


Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague Review


About the Book: Saving Lucas Biggs is a standalone written by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague, which has a Lexile measure of 930. It has 288 pages and was published on April 29th, 2014 by HarperCollins. It is a middle-grade time travel adventure that follows thirteen-year-old Margaret in her quest to save her father from being executed.

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. From Margaret and Charlie’s awesome friendship to the way the writing style sweeps you away, this book was beyond enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed how Margaret and Charlie’s friendship was so realistic, as they had known each for years and were insanely comfortable around each other, while still occasionally having awkward moments when they were unsure of how to express the way they really felt. In addition, I found it amazing how the authors managed to write a story with an emotionally upsetting plot with many traumatic events in the midst of it, yet somehow were able to keep it from becoming depressing.  The writing style reminded me of Lauren Myracle’s Wishing Day books, in the way that it often resembles poetry made into prose. I also loved how the time travel was explained in a way that made sense, almost like When You Reach Me’s explanation, only more detailed. If you are looking for a fantastic time travel, historical fiction adventure this is it!


The Unbreakable Code by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Review


About the Book: The Unbreakable Code is the second book in the Book Scavenger series by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. It has 368 pages and was publish on April 25th, 2017 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR). It is a middle-grade mystery about almost thirteen-year-old Emily and her best friend James, as they attempt to solve the mystery of the unbreakable code and fires that are appearing around the city.

My Review: It’s been a couple years since I read Book Scavenger and in the time that’s passed I have forgotten most of the book; nevertheless, I picked up the sequel, hoping that it would prove an interesting read. Well, thankfully it did. Even thought the plot of Book Scavenger is no longer in my memory, well, mostly that is, I didn’t have much trouble understanding what was going on in The Unbreakable Code. It really was quite an interesting and entertaining story. Not to mention that there were two mysteries in one book. From Steve-James’s cowlick- wearing glitter to the awesome librarian, this really was a great read. The only complaints I have are that some of the dialogue seemed weird and choppy, as if it would have been better of as narrative, and that if you try a little, figuring out who the arsonist is isn’t all that difficult, although it isn’t completely clear either. Other than that, The Unbreakable Code was quite enjoyable and should prove an interesting read for many ages.


Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan Review


About the Book: Counting by 7s is a stand alone book by Holly Goldberg Sloan. It has 380 pages and was published by Dial Books on January 1st, 2013. It has a Lexile measure of 770 and is a contemporary middle-grade book about a twelve-year-old genius named Willow Chance and the people she becomes involved with due to her parent’s death in a tragic car accident.

My Review: This book was awesome! I loved it. From Willow’s obsession with the number to 7 to Dell Duke’s odd way of living I absolutely adored this book and it’s characters. Almost everything and everyone in this book was entertaining, from Cheddar the cat to Dell’s obsession with meatloaf, this was a really fantastic read. In addition to holding my interest, this book also showed how hard it is for people to accept that people are differnt, whether the differences happen to be good or bad. I loved how Willow just throws the system for a loop. She does insanely well with school and she looks at function before fashion. If you’re looking for a book that is entertaining, full of emotion, and all around just a fantastic read, you will love Counting by 7s.